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NSW (Nest Speed Weaponry) comes from the nickname the "Nest" that Zipp engineers gave to the windowless, high-security advanced development lab in the corner of the Zipp factory. The Nest is the "Area 51" of the bicycle world. It's where only the best fledgling ideas fly.

Attaining the pinnacle of speed in bike wheel design, the Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Clincher race wheels set the bar at the highest level, yet! Secretly developed for years and shrouded in mystery, the 454 NSW carbon fiber wheels have more than 250 hours of wind tunnel testing and has gone through 36 different prototype builds to establish the best Aero + Stability enhancements to-date. All this research and development equates to the ultimate "AeroBalance" of any wheel in history! With more than a month of CFD (computational fluid design) alone, at the ARC Wind Tunnel in Indy, and validated with real-world testing; the 454 NSW wheelset has both low drag and low side force. It actually has the same side force as the slim-stealthy Zipp 202 wheel and the lowest drag of any Zipp wheel ever made! Using Advance Biomimicry as a new, solid approach to aero and crosswind development, the 454 NSW is lighter and faster than the 404 NSW, while producing 60 grams less side force at a 10-degree yaw angle. With an all-new ultra-efficient aerodynamic rim profile, the 454 NSW is unmatched in stability and predictability in the crosswinds. Zipp's proprietary Carbon Clincher technology provides unrivaled strength, durability and reliability with confident awe-inspiring stopping power thanks to the silicon carbide "Showstopper" brake track. The race-inspired NSW carbon fiber rim is laced to the cutting-edge Cognition Hub that optimizes strength and torsional stiffness while delivering greater comfort and control. The Cognition Hubs allow it to withstand a greater load over longer duration compared to any of Zipp's competition. This highly reliable, super-quiet and drag reducing hubset is built for efficiency and ultimate speed. Sporting distinctive ImPress wheel graphics and boasting next-gen ABLC HexFin technology, undulating SawTooth architecture with HyperFoil inner rim nodes for next evolution aerodynamics; the cutting-edge 454 NSW is extremely lightweight and highly durable enough for punishing sprints and hilly finishes, while maintaining ultimate speed on the flats. Purpose-built to dominate the competition with the latest technological advancements, the Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheelset delivers blinding-speed and a podium victory on every ride!

Product Details

  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Inflation: Standard
  • Braking Type: Rim Brakes


Zipp's highest performing wheelset ever realized with both aero-drag reduction and reduced side force at all wind yaw angles
Secretly developed for years at the "Nest" - Zipp's high-security development lab
More than 250 hours of wind tunnel testing with a month alone in CFD (computational fluid design) development
36 different prototype builds were used to establish the best Aero + Stability enhancements to-date
High-tech research and development and real-world tested created the ultimate "AeroBalance" of any wheel in history
Has the same side force as the slim-stealthy Zipp 202 wheel and the lowest drag of any Zipp wheel ever made
Lighter and faster than the 404 NSW, while producing 60 grams less side force at a 10-degree yaw angle
All-new ultra-efficient aerodynamic HyperFoil inner rim nodes are unmatched in stability and predictability in the crosswinds
Refined dimpled SawTooth ABLC (aerodynamic boundary layer control) with HexFin technology for unmatched aerodynamics, stability, predictability and ultimate SPEED!
Cognition Hub technology is super-quiet, highly reliable, strong, stiff, durable and super FAST!
Silicon carbide Showstopper 26.4mm brake track provides confident awe-inspiring stopping power
Flange geometry and lacing pattern with Sapim CX-Ray spokes optimize torsional and lateral stiffness without sacrificing weight or robustness
Distinctive ImPress graphics technology prints directly onto the wheel and compliments any bike or color scheme
Titanium quick-release skewer has a wider more ergonomic handle to provide more leverage for opening and closing
Closed skewer lever contours neatly with the bicycle frame for a customized look
Rear hub is SRAM XD driver body compatible
Max recommended rider weight 250 lbs.
Spoke Count: 18 front, 24 rear
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray
External Nipples: Sapim Secure-Lock
Rim Used: X454NSW Undulating SawTooth with HyperFoils
Rim Depth: 53/58mm
Max Width: 27.8mm
Internal Width: 17mm
Brake Track Width: 26.4mm
Weight: 690g front, 835g rear, 1525g pair
Carbon clincher rear wheel comes with a standard 11-speed freehub body compatible with Shimano/SRAM cassettes
Includes: Zipp Platinum Pro Evo brake pads (4), Zipp Tangente black titanium skewers (2), Zipp rim tape 700c x 20mm (2), Zipp valve extenders by Silca (2), Zipp Tangente inner tubes 700c x 20-28mm (2), and Zipp individual wheel bag (2)

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